Quantum Vision System Helps to Take Care of your Vision

Quantum Vision System Helps to Take Care of your Vision

One of the most important organs, without which we cannot imagine the normal functioning – the organ of vision, or our eyes. How to care for it properly to avoid infection, swelling, bloodshot eyeballs? Read the article and learn how to care for your eyes with help of Quantum Vision System techniques. These techniques are simplified form of those devised by Dr. Kemp in his book Quantum Vision System.

Quantum Vision System

  1. If you have not quit smoking yet – do it! Smoking is not only contributing to the formation of diseases associated with the lungs and heart. To a large extent also irritates our eyes, which excessively dry up. Smoking leads to eye diseases such as cataracts, or damage to the retina. Do not underestimate this problem!
  2. If you suffer from chronic diseases type of hypertension, hypothyroidism, or diabetes, your eyesight may significantly worsen. These diseases affect the myopia or even blindness! At every visit to the eye doctor informing him of the chronic diseases which suffer. Control also issued and prescription drugs – some antibiotics and antidepressants negatively affect quality of vision.
  3. If you are using Cosmetics and vision problems are not foreign to you – regularly check the expiry date of cosmetics! You cannot use cosmetics overdue, especially around the eyes. They can irritate the organ of vision and lead to infection, irritation and redness. It marked when we opened the package cosmetic, because the expiration date often clash with packaging. Let us not use any cosmetic longer than 3-4 months, especially if you have sensitive eyes. The Pope also indicated producer, if it orders with cosmetic applications avoid the eye area – do not underestimate it! Your cosmetics in an appropriate way, in tightly closed containers in places and those that require it – in the refrigerator.
  4. Taking care of our diet. What you eat has a significant impact on the quality of our vision. Choose products with a high content Vitamins A, E, C and beta carotene. Let them in our daily diet will not miss whole meal bread , spinach, citrus fruits, tomatoes and peppers, eggs, green peas, nuts, and many other valuable products.
  5. Work front of the screen PC for many of us a duty. Those who do not need coercion to sit at the computer for hours – but often choose this form of spending time as entertainment. It is similar with watching television and reading newspapers in poor light. Let us therefore take breaks from working at the computer and watching TV – after every twenty minutes looking at the screen -‘s reverse and turn our gaze to the point it away from our eyes for a few meters and Let us look at him for about 20 seconds. This exercise allows you to rest our eyes to the constant peeking at computer screens and televisions are often bloodshot, swollen. If you like to read a book – never let us do this when there is insufficient light, because definitely deteriorates the quality of our vision. Possibly frequently read by natural light, if this is not possible – in good quality lamp, which is further space. While reading books, also worth doing the mentioned break because his eyes focused too long in one place also gets tired.
  6. If our vision is no longer perfect, and we are compelled to wear glasses or contact lenses – always let us protect them proper hygiene and maintenance. Glasses should always be clean – even the tiny specks on lenses dissipate our eyes and tired eyes. If you wear lenses – always try to have a home up the bottle of contact lens fluid.

Many factors contribute to the deterioration of our state of view, even if we do not know – do not complain about any pain or redness, irritation and swelling on the day we see more and worse. Eyesight can also be improved, so it is worth buying supplements to help him diet and drops and eye lotions that will bring relief to our organ of sight. If you see a vision problem do not hesitate to visit an optician – the sooner you diagnose the problem, the easier we will solve it. Do not treated eyes very quickly deepens, so not worth hesitate even with control visits if apparently there is nothing wrong. Additionally, if you are looking for readable content (eBook) that can help to improve eyesight, you can also look into legit reviews of quantum vision system.


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